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The Learning Journal by J de Silva


07.12.2001 - The move is complete... well, nearly.  So, except for a few bits and pieces, all articles / pages have been moved to  If you have bookmarked this homepage previously, click on the link to get to the new site and edit your bookmark/favorite list.

I plan to re-do this homepage with articles specific to Tripod, so I am not going to say goodbye to it just yet... and the default pop-up banners of Tripod will be set back to "embedded" for your convenience.   Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  To all my Muslim readers, wishing you well on this auspicious month of Ramadan and for the coming feast of 'Eid Fitr'.

Graphics Journal


My No.1 favourite pastime... Answers to my own questions. Other than that, you just have to keep experimenting to create graphics on your own.

Hardware Journal


The joys of removing the covers off your PC (yes, it's possible to look inside and pretend you know what you're doing).
Miscellaneous Journal


Here's an interesting section - just things that I gather from anywhere about anything digital... hmmm.
Web Design Journal

Web Design

The section with the most number articles and still growing... Check back frequently for some web designing tips.
Since 1998, this homepage has grown from just a 2 page thing to this.  All this time, whenever I got stuck wanting to do something on my PC, I would search the Web for the answers.

At first it was graphics, using Adobe PhotoShop 6.0 .  Then it was html and my first attempt to create my own homepage.  I never bought a book to do all this, so often I found solutions to my questions just doing a Search.  Most of the time, it was impossible to find the answers just using the Search Engines and if I was lucky, I would be solving a problem within a day, but that was hardly the case...

...and so this Journal was born; every time I managed to get around a certain problem, I just re-produced my notes here in the hope that someone else looking for the same answers will find it faster than it took me to do it.  That's it, that's the raison d'etre...

Good luck in your Search today...

Meanwhile, please use the forum / message board if you have comments or questions about any of the articles here.

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